CEO Tom Farrell served as Executive Producer of Trading Spaces—TLC’s smash homemaker design show for all 8 seasons.

In Trading Spaces, two sets of neighbors redecorate a room in each others' home. Teams have only two days and a $1000 budget to complete the redesign with the help of a professional designer and carpenter. Teams have no control over the redecoration in their own home but can give input before the decorating begins. They’ll spend the night in one another’s homes and aren’t allowed to re enter their own home until the reveal.





In 2016, The Workshop teamed up with GoPro to get access into the world of Justin Thomas. All shot on GoPro.
Justin Thomas’ biggest critic is himself. He is constantly working on his game and is hungry to become the number one golfer in the world.

Growing up with a father on the PGA Tour, Thomas fell in love with the game at a young age. His passion and enthusiasm for the game make him one of the most exciting players on the tour today.

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Hank Haney can fix your golf swing in five minutes. Don’t believe it? Just ask NBA star Stephen Curry, Larry the Cable Guy, or MLB Hall of Famer Chipper Jones. Watch as Tiger Woods’ former coach helps celebrities fix their mistakes out on the course.




How One Man Went from Iraq War Amputee to Golf Champion – Golf Digest

In 2007 U.S. Army Corporal Chad Pfeifer lost his leg in the Iraq War. During rehab the active athlete was introduced to golf as a means of physical therapy and to help him adjust to his new prosthetic leg. Seven years later, he’s become an avid and talented golfer who’s using his game as a platform to help others.

Featuring: Charles Barkley and Alfonso Ribeiro




A collaborative piece from 2017 created for Waltzing Matilda with the help of musician G.Love.

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