Wayne Kimmel is one of the nation’s most engaging and successful venture capitalists. In this powerful new series, Wayne will share his personal insights and wildly entertaining stories that can help you succeed in business and life.

From his love of sports (if you don’t take a shot, you’ll never make a basket), to his belief in never giving up (every “no” is a “not yet”), there’s no doubt that Wayne’s powerful message can help you achieve a solid financial future.

The Kimmel Files is a motivational, informational & unforgettable series.




The WorkShop is collaborating with Rickie Fowler & his production company, Main Event Productions, to produce a documentary on the PGA’s Waste Management Phoenix Open and the excitement that the tournament brings to golf and the Phoenix community every year.




For most of us, “old metal” is something bound for the scrap yard. But for Aaron Hagar and Rachel de Barros, old metal is artwork waiting to happen.

Aaron and Rachel are two of the most famous names in the car world. He is the owner of the legendary Rat Runners Garage in South Lake Tahoe and the son of rock legend, Sammy Hagar. And for years, she’s been known as America’s Gearhead Diva and a co-host on Velocity’s All Girl Garage.

Both are nationally known for their ability to expertly breathe new life into old cars. But now, they’re combining their considerable skills and their mutual passion— creating one of a kind works of art and amazing furniture out of old metal and car parts! It’s Tanked meets Fast ‘n’ Loud with generous nod to American Pickers!

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Welcome to McDermott’s Pub– Hear the powerful and emotional stories of NYC law enforcement.

The pub is a local watering hole for retired New York City detectives. It's a place where these men and women go to relive old stories, relate to one another, vent their frustrations, and ultimately, heal. It's a sanctuary for many of these detectives and now, for the first time, McDermott's is opening its doors for an inside look at the risks and dangers of working cases in the most famous, and infamous, city in the world.

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It’s been said that one should never neglect family for business. But when you combine the two, especially with a family that features over 70-first cousins, you have a never-ending supply of amusement, daily conflict, and inspiration. Join the Sulimay family and their pursuit to become household names in the beauty industry.




These days, everyone is flipping homes. For photographer and artist Dominic Episcopo, he had a different project in mind, a church renovation. A normal room or even house renovation is tough, but imagine trying to make over a building from the 1800's with 8O-foot high ceilings and 2-story stained glass windows.

There's no real blueprint for converting churches into homes, until now. This is Holy Renovation.




Healthcare policy in the United States has been tarnished by unending partisan conflict. Accusations fly unfettered and compromise seems impossible. As a system, healthcare has ballooned into a staggering one sixth of America’s GDP. While it touches every one of us, it can be overwhelming, expensive and confusing.

Thanks to one of the nation’s leading schools of public health, there is a new TV series offering real insights and honest answers!

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A powerful, entertaining new series that takes us into the lives of couples preparing for the arrival of their new baby. Following their pregnancy through the prism of their due date, we'll get an intensely personal look at the anticipation, the drama and the joys of giving birth.

Having invested ourselves in the couples’ lives, hearing their compelling stories and witnessing the important moments that lead up to their due date, every episode of this refreshing new series promises to be emotional and unforgettable.

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