Rezball is a documentary series following the Chinle High boys basketball team on and off the court. As the team sets out to win an Arizona state championship, the real story lies in a group of resilient teenagers who battle the challenges of living on the Navajo Nation reservation and an athletic staff that’s determined to not just change lives, but change an entire culture.

PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler and NBC/Golf Channel Golf Analyst Notah Begay serve as Executive Producers for Rezball.





True North follows two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner on his quest to reach the North Pole and become the world's first cancer survivor to complete the Explorer's Grand Slam-scaling the highest point on all seven continents and then hiking to the North and South Poles. Only a handful of people have ever done it, but no one against the overwhelming odds Sean faced.

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CEO Tom Farrell returned as an Executive Producer for the reboot Trading Spaces—TLC’s hit home makeover show that returned in 2018 for the 9th season. Production for season 10 is slated to begin this summer.




The Amos family didn't leave their home in Australia to dillydally around the United States. The mission is bold: drive their mobile billboard to every state and hold events in over 150 cities. Along the way they are attempting to wash 25,000 dogs, many of whom are currently stuck in animal shelters.

These puppy makeovers lead to real adoptions, and the audience gets to experience these emotional connections every episode. These Aussies will do whatever it takes to find Furever Homes for dogs in need.





The WorkShop teamed up with Rickie Fowler to capture his weekend as Grand Marshal of “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration.” Fowler spent two years attending Oklahoma State University before turning pro in 2009. 8 years later, at the top of the golf world, Fowler loves Stillwater, Oklahoma just as much as they love him. The WorkShop gives you an inside look at how important it is for Rickie to be a Cowboy.

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In 1965, an accident confined him to a wheel chair. Tragedy gave way to an incredible journey. He touched countless lives and became the first quadriplegic priest in the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church. Help us educate the world about the life of Fr. Bill Atkinson.

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"At the core of every great story, there is often despair and hope, conflict and redemption and uncanny twists of fate. It’s often said that these stories - you can’t make this stuff up.” -Bernard Hopkins

Fighting For Life is the story of a teenager sentenced to life in prison without parole who somehow starts a family behind bars and trains a fellow inmate to go on and become a world champion-- One of the best boxers of his generation. This is a love story between a man and a woman, who patiently waits for decades, and an athlete who carries his mentor’s dreams and makes them a reality on the outside. It’s a quest for redemption filled with perseverance and pain, tragedy and triumph. A crime committed back in 1970 that cost “Smokey” Wilson his life… or did it?

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Set against the backdrop of the professional tennis tour, Novak Djokovic is using his platform as the world’s best player to try to change the lives of people around the world.

The pressure to perform on tour is intense, but Novak Djokovic is a man fully aware that the results of a tournament are temporary, while the impact of the work off the court can be permanent.

Win a Grand Slam. Create a change. Share the experience.

Novak will depict the balancing act of staying on top in an ultra-competitive sport while finding time for the most important things in life - family, mankind, and providing a better future for others.

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Fifteen million people living in New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania all rely on the same source of water – a massive system of streams, creeks and rivers that flows from the Catskill Mountains to the Delaware Bay and into the Atlantic Ocean. As it makes that journey, the water sustains countless orchards, dairy farms, wineries and nurseries while giving safe harbor to an incredible array of wildlife. But the health of this intricate waterway is threatened by agricultural runoff, urban sprawl, climate change and the depletion of groundwater.

Now, in a thought provoking and informative series from WHYY TV12, we’ll see how a team of scientists, researchers and private citizens are working everyday to maintain the quality of our water. On every episode, we’ll profile one of these remarkable and passionate people. We’ll follow them into the field to see firsthand how state of the art science and pure determination are helping to restore and protect our most valuable and finite natural resource.





Mark Wahlberg grew up in the gritty, working-class town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. He overcame some long odds to develop into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. It’s that rags-to-riches background that turned Wahlberg onto the role of Vince Papale for the 2006 film, Invincible.

Papale’s rise from bartender to a member of the Philadelphia Eagles prompted Wahlberg to call him: “a hero, the real-life Rocky Balboa.” But as improbable as Papale’s once-in-a-lifetime story was, it didn’t unfold exactly as it was shared on the big screen.

Now, in Invincible: The True Story it’s time to find out the authentic details of this amazing journey; as told through exclusive interviews with Papale, Wahlberg, former Eagles coach Dick Vermeil and family and friends of this sporting icon.

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The Augustinian Order is an 800 year old community of brothers, united in charity. Each member of this Roman Catholic order has answered a call to actively seek God through unity, truth and charity. During this thirty minute documentary, meet the modern members of an ancient brotherhood, who dedicate their lives to God by serving others the world over.

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